Muse on the ✊ WILL OF THE PEOPLE

Muse has long been known for their politically charged music and their latest release, “Will Of The People,” is no exception. The song, accompanied by a striking music video directed by Lance Drake, takes on the rise of populist politics and the dangers of authoritarianism.

The video opens with a powerful shot of a massive crowd, chanting in unison as they march through the streets. The imagery is both mesmerizing and haunting, evoking memories of some of history’s darkest moments. As the song progresses, the video becomes more and more frenzied, with chaotic images flashing across the screen.

The music itself is classic Muse, with pounding drums, intricate guitar work, and soaring vocals from frontman Matt Bellamy. The lyrics are incisive and thought-provoking, calling attention to the dangers of blindly following charismatic leaders and the importance of standing up for what is right.

Despite its strong message, some critics have criticized the bombastic nature of “Will Of The People.” The Guardian, for example, suggests that the song’s powerful angst is undermined by the band’s tendency towards grandiosity. Similarly, Pitchfork notes that the song’s message is somewhat diluted by its overly theatrical presentation.

Despite these criticisms, there’s no denying the power of “Will Of The People.” It’s a song that demands attention, both for its timely message and its soaring musicality. Muse has always been a band that isn’t afraid to take on controversial topics, and “Will Of The People” is a testament to their commitment to using their platform to effect change. The music video, too, is a stunning visual representation of the song’s message, providing a powerful and unforgettable viewing experience.


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